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How to Buy the Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair?

It’s so great to have cute pets in our home! They make us happy and help us forget all the stressful things in our daily life. But there is quite a big problem when owning a pet. It is all about their hair. He or she sheds hair everywhere and of course, vacuuming up pet hair seems like a time-consuming or even a never-ending task for the pet owners.

That is the reason why we need to have a powerful vacuum cleaner at home made for picking up all that loose pet hair. It’s a great tool, specially designed with the main intention of cleaning up pet hair. If you are looking for the best Vacuum Cleaner for pet hair, here are some tips for you.

Built-in pet hair technology

When looking for a pet hair vacuum, consider buying one with built-in pet hair technology. This feature allows the vacuum to pick even very small hair from your pets, making your home cleaner. Another advantage of this technology is that it also has the ability to remove pet hair without getting clogged. What an amazing feature!

Noise and size

Noise coming from the machine may not be something you worry about when it comes to a normal vacuum. Yet, it should be one of the top things you want to consider if you have skittish pets. As you know, they do not do well around the vacuum’s constant loud drone. So, don’t forget to check the machines’ noise levels before selecting one. In general, larger vacuum models seem to be louder than smaller ones.

The best vacuum cleaners for pet hair should also be as portable and flexible as possible. Consider purchasing a machine that can easily approach hard-to-reach areas of the house such as under the bed and sofa places. Also, you need to care about the pet’s size and temperament, and whether or not you can bring them to a different room before you start performing the cleaning duties.


With the automatic feature, you can save a lot of time cleaning the house in general and removing pet hairs in particular. Interestingly, some automatic vacuum cleaners also come with self-charging abilities that enable the machine to go back to the charging station when it runs low on power. If you are really interested in this feature, you should consider the robotic vacuum models.

Pet attachments and brush rolls

A vacuum that is considered pet hair friendly also needs to come with some required attachments. For instance, if you have a lot of carpeting, then a brush roll is a must-have part that allows you to pick up longer and thinner pet hairs. But if your home has lots of furniture, then a pet attachment and upholstery tool as well will help you a lot. Generally speaking, you will need attachments that truly match the kind of pet you are going to purchase the vacuum for.

As you can see, in order to buy the best vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair, you need to consider many things, from the kind of pets you have, their size and temperament, to the relevant features and functions of the machine. We hope that this article has provided you with useful tips on how to buy the best pet hair vacuum!


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